“You are the writer, producer, and director of your own mind programs.” ― Elizabeth Bohorquez RN

A Hypnotic trance is a natural altered state of awareness that can be assisted by a therapist using an induction script. It can also occur when a client focuses on his emotions or body sensations in regression therapy. It can equally be created when a client focuses on his energy field while experiencing Reiki or in a meditation.

Brain waves

The hypnotic state is natural for all humans and many animals. You have been in a hypnotic state literally thousands of times, you most likely didn't notice it because it seemed such a natural state of mind. An example is when someone has been so immersed in reading, they lost track of time, or did not hear their name being called out. It may take several calls before they look up. Whenever you do anything automatic, your conscious mind is diverted from your subconscious and you are more likely to enter a hypnotic state. Such as your mine drifting when you are taking a shower, mowing the lawn or out jogging. these activities are stored in your subconscious.

How can Hypnotherapy help me?

Hypnotherapy can help with a large range of issues from enhancing your creativity to passing your driving test.

  • Stop smoking
  • Coping with anxiety.
  • Stress reduction and relaxation.
  • Simple phobias from spiders to buttons.
  • Sleep difficulties.
  • Changing habits, nail biting, skin picking.
  • Enhanced creativity.
  • Weight reduction.
  • Choosing heathly eating habits.
  • Creating new excerise habits
  • Confidence building.
  • Help with exam, interviews, presentations and driving tests.
  • Public speaking.
  • Pain reduction, eg. tattoos.
  • Sporting enhancement

Any information provided by Flow to Heal is for informational purposes only and is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment provided by a doctor.


What does hypnosis feel like? Hypnosis feels similar to a state of relaxed focused attention. In fact humans enter into and leave these focus attention or trances states, throughout the day without even noticing it has happened. Typically as we perform our daily routines, such as brushing teeth, walking a familiar route, food shopping, making a hot drink, reading, tv, browsing social media, driving and many more examples.
Will I be in control of myself? Many clients, after seeing Stage Hypnosis will fear they will lose control of their actions. Maybe having seen a subject bark like a dog or hop on one foot. However it not possible to take over control of a person’s free will with Hypnosis. Any individual on stage has given their permission to act in such a way, decided to go on stage and agreed to act foolish. Therefore they are NOT acting against their free will. Instead they are behaving that way because their conscious mind and their subconscious mind finds the suggestions agreeable and they wish to participant.
I may be made to do something I don’t want to do? Like a Doctor, therapists qualified in hypnosis work to a code of ethics that puts the client’s interest first and nothing is done unless it has been discussed and agreed with them.
Is hypnotherapy bad for your health or dangerous? Physical responses to Therapeutic or Clinical Hypnosis promote good health. Effectively reducing stress and discomfort. This is seen is the slowdown of physiological functions, breathing, heartrate and a release of tension in the muscles. Which only results in the client feeling more relaxed and at ease.
I'm concerned that I will not be able to be hypnotised? As Hypnosis is really no more than focused attention or concentration.
Can you get stuck in hypnosis? People go quite naturally into light trance every day and the therapist’s role is simply to guide the client into a deeper level. When reading a book you slip into a trance, yet if your name is called out you immediately become more aware of the outside world. The same applies to being in trance, it’s your choice to remain in relaxation or come out.

What Phillippa's clients say.

I just wanted to say that during all three sessions, I managed to relax myself completely so you were doing it so well. I always went 'off' for a couple of minutes into a sleep as I heard myself breathing deeply.. I hope I wasn't snoring though! :) For the past three weeks I've been feeling quite serene with myself abd I feel I have more confidence in myself- I feel more peaceful. It was a wonderful experience and I would like to thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.


Hypnotherapy Sessions at Shepperton, Surrey.

Program Description Price
Smoking Cessation Smoking Cessation would usually be a one off 2.5 hour session. With a recorded Non-smoker self-Hypnosis meditation to use at at home. £140
Three to five sessions recommended Coping with anxiety, stress reduction, phobias, better sleep, changing habits, nail biting, skin picking, assisting with weight loss, choosing heathly eating habits, creating new excerise habits, confidence building, public speaking, interviews, easing exam pressures and many more. £65 per hour

Shepperton studio and treatment room

We are blessed with a beautiful treatment room in a detached garden studio. Peaceful and clean, a perfect space for relaxation and receiving your therapy or energy session.

We are located in Shepperton a surburban village in the Borough of Spelthorne approximately 15 miles from south west of central London. The watery landscape that combines the River Thames, canals, reservoirs and former gravel pits. The riverside village of Shepperton is known for its famous film studios and it is filled with charming charactor and history. If you the time I would recommend a visit to Shepperton Lock Tea Rooms!